Ronda lies 60km up a winding mountain road from Marbella in the mountain range known as the Serranía de Ronda


Every day cars drive up from the Costa del Sol to visit what is one of Andalucia's top tourist destinations. 

If you drive up you should park in the public parking by the bullring or one of the nearby underground car parks as it's easy to walk around the whole town in a short time. Driving around is fairly impossible.


Most of the important sights in Ronda can be seen in a few hours as most are located around the new bridge area and within the old part of the town over the bridge from the Parador .


Begin at the bullring which is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Spain. Adjoining Ronda's bullring is the Bullfighting Museum which displays interesting relics of Ronda's bullfighting history.

Spectacular Views

Next go into the gardens behind the bullring, along Paseo Blas Infante. From here are the best panoramic views over the mountains. Ronda is split into two sections by a spectacular 100m deep gorge called El Tajo. On one side is the old Moorish town and on the other is El Mercadillo which is a more recent urban section. The two parts are joined by the Puente Nuevo ( New Bridge ). This was built in 1751 and took 42 years to build.

The House of the Moorish King has wonderful gardens from which you can descend to the underground mines built by Abomelik in the 14th century. If you head further down this street (Marques de Parada) you'll come to a Renaissance mansion called the Palacio del Marqués de Salvatierra then come to two old town bridges dating back to 1616 (Puente Viejo).