The Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) is a stretch of coast in the South of Spain split into two notably different regions. Both have been very popular with holidaymakers for a number of years.

Costa del Sol Beach
Costa del Sol Beach

Eastern Costa del Sol

This is the 54km of Coast to the east of Malaga city. Though highly developed from a property point of view, it is not anything like the property development on the Western Costa del Sol. Where most of the holiday accommodation is centred around the town of Nerja and its surrounding villages.

From Malaga eastwards there are cliffs of up to 200m where the Sierra Almijara joins the sea. This section ends at Mara on a coastal plain, which has an urban landscape surrounded by traditional agriculture. In the limestone hills are the Caves of Nerja.


Nerja is the most important centre on the coast and has grown rapidly. It is surrounded with tourist ‘Blanco Pueblos'. The traditional whitewashed villages on the Costa del Sol act as notable historical monuments. Many of the locals still live according to the age old traditions, inherited from their Iberian, Roman and Moorish forefathers.

A number of villages near the coast have become fashionable resorts, while still conserving their ancient charm. The towns of
Nerja, Mijas, Competa and Frigiliana are prime examples. Whereas others lost in the highlands, remain rough and ready olive-farming towns, with a special appeal for adventurous travellers.

Most towns began as fortresses, and over the centuries, many have developed into thriving agricultural centres producing olive oil, fruit & vegetables and goats milk.

Western Costa del Sol

In quite a stark contrast, 100kms to the West of Malaga airport lies a stretch of coast very different to that of the rural / traditional Eastern Costa del Sol. The Western side is highly developed for international tourism. Some of the most popular high-rise holiday towns are Torremolinos and Fuengirola.

For spectacular views and scenery a visit to Ronda is a perfect daytrip out into the country.