The Cats of Capistrano

Dolly welcomes you
Dolly welcomes you

As in most of Spain, if you are a cat lover then you will be well rewarded during your stay in Capistrano. You are very welcome to feed any cat that you come across - they will assure that they haven't been fed for several weeks, although one glance at their well-fed bodies will give away the real truth.

At one time there were several hundred stray and feral cats in Capistrano, but thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Lynne and her co-volunteers in
CLIC (Cat Lovers In Capistrano), their number has now been brought down to a more manageable 50 or so.

However this has only been accomplished by means of a strict neutering policy, and if you would like to contribute both towards the cost of this and other veterinary activities, as well as that of feeding, then your donations will be gratefully received. Indeed we have entered into a liason between CLIC and our guests to facilitate this: see our website.

Incidentally many local residents and visitors also have dogs, and the two species co-exist in remarkable harmony.